TbyDem Maker´s Skirt Short Denim Skirt

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Dark Blue Denim. A wrap-around skirt with 2 pockets in the front, a side pocket, and a tool loop. A size-flexible garment that adjusts with ties and overlaps in the back. 

Made of 100% organic and fair trade denim. 

20 inches long.

The skirts are sized by the width of the front piece:

14”= 0 (XS-S) 15.5”= 1 (S-M) 17”= 2 (M-L) 18.5”= 3 (L-XL) 20”= 4 (XL)

Measure the front half of your waist and match that number of inches to find your size above. This will ensure good coverage in the back.