Sissel Edelbo The Female Symbole Tee

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The Female Symbole Tee is made for the International Women’s day. When women realize that we are globally connected across race, religion, age and shape - we are so much stronger!

The Tee has a relaxed loose fit and a round neckline and a beautiful detail inside the neckline as every tee has a hem made of unique sari. The tee is perfectly styled with your favorite kimono, a pair of jeans or our Cobra Pleated Skirt. The tee is available in three different sizes S, M and L. 

The TENCEL Tees is made from a lyocell fiber which is delicate, super soft and made of FSC-certified wood from sustainably grown trees. The unique production process recycles almost 100% of the solvent used in a closed loop system. This special process received the “European Award for the Environment” from the European Union.

Garment Measurements size S:

  • Chest width: 102 cm

  • Front length: 64 cm

  • Back length: 64 cm

Garment Measurements size M:

  • Chest width: 104 cm

  • Front length: 66 cm

  • Back length: 66 cm

Garment Measurements size L:

  • Chest width: 108 cm

  • Front length: 68 cm

  • Back length: 68 cm