Kings of Indigo Kimberley Red Light Used Vintage - 50% REA sista paret stl 30/30 - ganska små i storleken

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Denna modell, Red Light Denim av Kimberley är lite extra hållbar, 21% av materialet består av återvunna jeans. Tillsammans med 7% hampa och 72% ekologisk bomull blir det 100% hållbart. 

Red Light Denim tyget kräver mindre vatten och för varje kilo tyg sparas 1255 liter jämfört med ett tyg som är tillverkat av konventionellt odlad bomull. Det vi på Uma Bazaar kallar fulbomull. Läs mer om KOI´s arbete för att använda mer återvunna jeansfibrer: 

Started as an initiative with long-time partner House of Denim, an innovation platform for the Dutch denim industry, Kings of Indigo goes for round two with the Red Light Denim concept. All garments within this range are produced from denim fabrics woven from (at least) 21% recycled jeans collected in the Amsterdam area. The rest of the fabric is composed of 7% hemp and 72% organic cotton making it 100% sustainable.

Recycling post-consumer denim is an important factor in finding a solution for the large impact the production of denim has on the environment. Re-using denim means shredding old jeans, blending it with ‘virgin’ organic cotton and then spinning new cotton yarns. The challenge is in making the percentage of used cotton as high as possible without losing its strength. So far it is not yet possible to produce a denim fabric made from 100% recycled yarns, without ripping.


Red Light Denim saves 1255 liter water per kg fabric compared to fabric made from conventional cotton. CO2 emission is 0,57 kg and the energy use 8,2 kw. 

Red Light Denim also stands for sharing knowledge and uses the combined strengths of other partners to be even more innovative. Sympany collects the worn clothing from Amsterdam; Wieland sorts out the denim; Recover recycled the fabric into a fiber and spins a yarn; Royo weaves the fabric in their mill; Artlab in Tunisia produces the jeans. Finally, Kings of Indigo is proud to finish the line by selling jeans that is made from post-consumer recycled cotton.