KOI Jane Flare Corduroy Pant in Brown - 20% REA sista paret

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Jane is a mid to high rise corduroy pant.
It fits tightly across the hips and then has an extremely wide leg that carries on down into a flare.
There are double pockets on the front and the back, a coin pocket at the front.
The pants close with a zip fly.
Wide ribbed corduroy fabric.

This garment is made with organic cotton, a natural fiber with no chemical treatment making it safer for the planet, farmer and wearer. 
  • Fabric Mill
    Bossa, Turkey

  • Fabric Certification

  • Stitching Location
    Star Confection, Tunisia

  • Laundry Location
    Blue & Dye, Tunisia

  • Finishing Location
    Blue & Dye, Tunisia