Kings of Indigo Cosima Dark Indigo Long Jacket

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Cosima är en skön oversize lång jacka med fickor och skärp. Den är stor i storleken. Jag som är L i allt kan ha XS över en Maggy klänning. Hör gärna av dig om du funderar på vilken storlek du behöver. Du når oss lättast på: hej(@)
Cosima: long jacket with two pockets and an adjustable waistband.
Flat collar and a button down placket.

This garment is made with organic cotton, a natural fiber with no chemical treatment making it safer for the planet, farmer and wearer. This jacket is a vegan option. The fabric of this jacket is treated with Polygiene. Polygiene treated textiles do not need to be washed as often, which saves water, energy, time and money as well as improve the lifespan of a product.

For the love of indigo

Relaxed fit

100% organic cotton

Main Fabric Material Certification

Stitching Location
Star Confection, Tunisia

Laundry Location
IWT, Tunisia

Finishing Location
Lamak, Tunisia

OBS! Stor i storleken