K.O.I Caroline Bio Stretch Jeans - 20% rabatt - sista storleken 32/34!

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Caroline är en mjuk skön jeansbralla. Den är tänkt att sitta på höften, så vill du att den ska sitta i midjan behöver du gå ner två storlekar. 

Caroline: cropped tapered, high rise jean, made with low stretch.
The top fit is slim for a feminine shape and the leg is straight with a cropped hem.
The buttons and metals are all recycled and the pocketing is made of recycled plastic bottles.
Classic 5 pocket jean.

This garment is made with organic cotton, a natural fiber with no chemical treatment making it safer for the planet, farmer and wearer. It also contains recycled cotton from scraps of pre-used, waste cotton. This reduces the amount of water and C02 emissions required when growing new cotton.

96% Organic Cotton 4% Natural Rubber