Bohemia Diamond Earring on Chain in Gold or Silver - Diamant i silver eller guld

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Om vi inte har denna modell i lager, kan vi beställa den till dig. Kontakta oss via mejl: info(at) och skriv: "Önskar beställa smycke" i ämnesraden.  Det är cirka 1 veckas leveranstid, sen är det ditt! ;)

Bohemia Diamond Chain Thread Earring

An important purpose of BOHEMIACOLLECTION is to recreate links between humans and mother nature and inspire to withhold the links that exist.

They can be worn single, as a pair or combined with another pendant depending on your style and preference. The chain thread is made of goldplated 925 silver and the pendent is made of brass. You can pull the thread through the ear, and adjust where you want the diamond to hang.

Chain: 7,5 cm

Note: this item is sold as a single earring