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Sissel Edelbo Mallow High Neck Top

Sissel Edelbo Mallow High Neck Top

899 SEK629.30 SEK
Ljuvlig blus från danska Sissel Edelbo. I återvunna sidensaris från Indien och med fina små detaljer. Tyget är handplockade av Jeanne Sissel och hela processen är fantastiskt shysst. Upcycling är det nya recycling!


All of Sissel Edelbos garments have, before they were re-designed been used by an Indian woman. This story shows it self in that there may be small tracks like tiny loose threads or tiny stains on the fabric. We love the story as well as the flaws - we hope you will as well and let the story continue.

Since the fabric is re-used fabric, we cannot inform what the total composition of the fabric is. Sissel Edelbo handpick the fabric in India as a silk-mix saree.