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MASKA Janina Finstickad Klänning svart

MASKA Janina Finstickad Klänning svart

1499 SEK
En mångsidig klänning eller tunikatröja i finaste ull från Italien, med raglanärm. Längd till knät om du är ca 170 cm, se nedan för längd i olika storlekar.
  • 100% extra fin ull super 120's
  • Italienskt garn
  • Stickad i Polen
  • Generös passform
  • Maskintvätt i ullprogram eller handtvätt
Plaggmått XS / S / M / L / XL
Bystvidd: 102 cm / 108 cm / 116 cm / 122 cm / 128 cm
Plagglängd: 91 cm / 92 cm / 93 cm / 94 cm / 95 cm
Ärmlängd: 59,5 cm / 60 cm / 60,5 cm / 61 cm / 61,5 cm


To give your knits a long and beautiful life, we would like to offer some help regarding washing and care.
  • Always use a detergent especially made for wool. It is very important that the detergent does not contain enzymes or bleach since that can make the wool fibers brittle and dull. -
  • The wool fiber seldom requires washing. That is because dirt stays on the surface of it, and unless your garment is stained it is often enough just to let it hang for a while in fresh outdoor air. For pure cashmere garments however, a slightly more frequent washing is better.
  • We recommend mild machine wash or hand washing in cold water. When handwashing, never wring your garment, but press out the water by using e.g. a towel. Reshape and flat dry after washing.
  • When machine washing, be careful to use wool program/hand wash program, max 30° C, fine wash detergent and a laundry bag.